Taking Antioxidants To The Next Level
ORAC Value of 47,992 per Gram !

Healthy Natural Goodness™ is the exclusive distributor for BioZama™ Products in addition to several other health products to support health, vitality and youth, not only for yourself but aslo for your furry friends.

BioZama™ Antioxidants, our most popular product, is a potent proprietary blend (Patent pending) exhibiting an extremely high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) value derived from cactus. This potent blend carries an ORAC value in excess of over 4 MILLION per 100 grams, or 47,992 units per one gram. Therefore, at the 600 mg level found in just one BioZama™ Antioxidant capsule it provides a minimum ORAC value of 25,000 units! View the Official Lab Results here

Antioxidants are essential for optimal health, especially with respect to aging and age related diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and many others. Excessive exposure to free radicals may cause severe pain, illness and inflammation, high ORAC BioZama™ may contribute significantly to preventing oxidative stess damage in the body by over exposure to free radicals.*

Scientific research shows antioxidants increase our resistence to diseases and boost our immune system. It is recommended we consume 5-9 servings of fruits and vegatables each day to meet the recommended daily requirement. Unfortunately, some of us do not get the recommended servings of fruit and vegatables per day, leaving our bodies at risk to oxidative stress damage, therefore we must
find other ways to provide our bodies with needed nutrition, such as dietary supplementation.

How BioZama™ Is Different Than
Other Antioxidant Products:

Made from a potent and propriety blend of cactus & medicinal plants, instead of fruits and vegetables, to give you a higher ORAC Value. We share the lab results from Brunswick Labs.
View the Official Lab Results here. Contains No Preservatives and No Fillers There is not, regardless of how companies try to spin it, a product that can deliver the proven lab results of BioZama™ Antioxidants. BioZama™ is not a Multi-Level Marketing company. There are not endless supplies although harvests are made annually. BioZama™ Products have been around for many years, development of our amazing products began in 1989.
Our Products Include:
Super Antioxidants
Total Body Cleansing System
Liquid Herbal Bandage
Vitamin C Supplements

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Your body will thank you!

Keith R. Writes: "I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer then
I was introduced to BioZama™..."
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